Winkler Solar

Towards the sun. With Winkler Solar.

The amount of energy radiated by the sun onto the earth in just three hours is the same as that used by the world population in a whole year. Our collectors capture this energy and convert it into heat – at one of the best conversion rates you can get. We have the know-how to make wide-area collectors of up to 24 square metres, a size that works far more efficiently than smaller units.

But it is not just the performance of our collector installations that is convincing. They have a persuasively elegant design, a long service life, and can be put to ingenious uses. Find out more in the "Winkler product and service portfolio" section.

Did you know? There are almost 4 million square metres of solar collector in operation in Austria – which is about one and a half times the area covered by the municipality of Weiler.

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