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Winkler solar facade

Solar facades - simply making practical use of the sun's rays.

Solar facades are more than just collectors installed on the wall. Because the collectors also provide excellent thermal insulation, which, of course, we take into particular consideration during manufacture, just as we take account of other building physics factors.

Winkler solar facade

A perfect fit

For solar facades, we specifically use VarioSol E wide-area high-performance collectors, which are individually manufactured with precision and perfectly customised to the form of the building. The various section systems and all junctions and fittings are designed and positioned individually. This makes every installation a highly efficient and unique unit.

Winkler solar facade

The advantages of solar facades

Because of its vertical arrangement, the collector is always free from snow and clean. So far so good. But, naturally enough, this arrangement also provides added technical value. Even during the six winter months, when the sun is low in the sky, the angle of the sun's rays is profitable. The system ensures excellent coverage, even for solar installations that boost the heating. A solar facade is also comparable to a high-quality glass facade.

Winkler solar facade

Solar facades – points to note

Solar facades are not recommended for only service water systems. This is because, compared with slanting collector panels, the panel has to be far more generously proportioned to achieve the same thermal yield. Moreover, the shadows cast by canopy roofs, adjacent buildings, trees, etc., have to be taken into consideration.

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