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Made-to-measure quality that is genuinely hand-made


At Winkler Solar, we are happy to do work still by hand. This gives us a feeling for our product and makes every installation unique. And many people are surprised about just how flexible we are about meeting customer requirements. What normally happens is that there are various standard products, none of which is really quite what you imagined. So inevitably, you have to compromise. We, however, adapt every installation to meet our customer's needs.

Quality is never an accident

So how do we actually produce the product? We use high-quality machines, and production is computerised. It is also good to know that not only are we the only ones to produce all the relevant components of our installations, we also design and develop them ourselves. As we have for much of our production equipment and many of our machines. You see, as specialists, we are reluctant to rely on others.

Which is why our products have been awarded the European mark of quality, the SOLAR KEYMARK. And this is not just any certification, but a mark of quality from the European Standardisation organisations CEN and CENELEC, awarded under the strictest guidelines and a testament to the outstanding quality of our products.

Customised – much more than just a catchword

We do even more for you. We also program the controls for the solar and heating installations ourselves and of course, they are specific to your particular situation. The design of the solar and heating installations is based on simulation calculations. We do that for you as well. We calculate the pipework, pressure drops, heat exchangers and expansion tanks for the boilers for our solar installations, making sure that everything really does go together. Naturally, we also file all the data, as you never know when you might need it.

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